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Day 3- San Antonio

Day 3- Well I have to say that Steve was absolutely right!! 🤩👍🏻San Antonio is such an beautiful city with a lovely riverwalk that leads you to the city, its perfect for hiking, running, biking, 🚵🏻‍♀️🧗🏻‍♂️etc. We walked until we reached the famous riverwalk where all the bars and restaurants are. I learned that San Antonio was named after “San Antonio Padova” a patron saint from Spain who baptised the city after the Alamo mission was built.

Over time, the city got bigger and bigger with a strong Spanish influence, since it was for a long time part of the Spanish empire. Then, in the early 19th century everything changed; Mexico grew tired of Spain, riots started, and Mexico wanted independence. When Napoleon took Spain and promised Mexico their independence once the war in Europe was over.🇲🇽🇪🇸 It turned out that Napoleon lost and Ferdinand the second was put back in the throne of Spain. The Mexican revolution sparked in 1816 and consequently wrote their constitution. The only problem was that the country, at the time, didn’t have enough money to sustain itself and many of provinces wanted their own independence, amongst them was Texas which was very eager to join the U.S. given all the white settlers that lived there. 🇺🇸🇺🇸

When General Santa Anna took office as president of Mexico, he fancied himself as the Mexican Napoleon and turned the country into a military dictatorship, shooting down al those who opposed him. As his army walked north, he summoned the people of Texas to give up their cannons and surrender. The Texans fought and pushed back the Mexicans to the other side of the San Antonio River. It didn’t take long for Santa Anna to raise a massive army of 6000 Mexicans and march toward the Alamo where 150 men were destined to defend it. Although the Alamos suffered a crushing defeat, for Texans it is a source of pride. They managed to take the lives of 600 Mexican soldiers and saved time for General Houston to be able to defeat and capture Santa Anna.🇺🇸🤓🔫⚔️

In return for his life, Santa Anna would have to give Texas to the U.S. and in 1836 the republic of Texas was born. We visited the Alamo which is now in the center of San Antonio, it is very awe inspiring. 😲The entry is free and you can visit the church, the barracks, the yard, David Crocket’s museum. We also went to Sant Antonio tower which is a 150 meter high with a great panoramic group over the historical center and in the evening, we got ready for New Year’s celebrations with Steve.

The plans was simple: buy some food and drinks and get on the residence’s rooftop with all the neighbours to watch a monumental firework show. It was the first time i saw such a “bouquet” of fireworks which surrounded us with endless festive colours. 🎆🎇😲😍After the show, everybody applauded and began the customary well-wishing. Thank you Steve for an unforgettable night!! 😁🤩🤝

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