Day 6- Discovering Austin

Once we had another typical XL American continental breakfast, 🥓🥞🍳🍏we went to the Johnson’s “Lady Bird” to witness first hand their trails and nature. 🌵🌳🍃We walked for about two hours in the luxurious nature filled with ponds, trees, and the cheerful chirping of birds. I really enjoyed the walk. 😊🐦☘️Aside from the beautiful nature, it is a place where one can go to reenergise, enjoy the quite and fresh air. I can only imagine how much better this would be in spring. After our 15 km walk we headed over to the state capitol, one of Austin’s main tourist attractions. 😁😎💥Once a year, all the Texas representatives and governor meet in the huge “Assembly room”. After getting a taste for politics, we decided to also visit the governor’s meeting room. 🤓🤠Once we finished there, we walked down to “Congress Avenue” where we had lunch at a tasty steak house called “Roaring fork” I had a delicious, juicy, and true to the American tradition, HUGE, black angus fillet mignon. 🥩🤤👌🏻They served it with green beans, onions, and garlic, something I’d never seen before. Me and that fillet was a match made in heaven!! 😛😂As the sun began to set, we visited the University of Texas at Austin, which is so big, it can be considered a city within a city. After a long day, and an amazing meal, we decided to head over to our hotel and rest up for the following day. 👏🏻🌃🛌😴

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