Day 8- Last Day in Austin

Despite all the other parks that we visited, we managed to miss  yet another  huge park located just a few miles from our hotel. 🤭😑😅I’m obsessed with different types of flora and fauna, so I could not resist visiting this park early in the morning.  🌳🌟🐕Here we got to see vultures and hawks. 🦅There’s a path you can follow, as most parks have, but if you’re the adventurous type, you can choose to get lost in the forest and truly engulf yourself in nature. 🌳🌿🍃🍂As much as we love the outdoors, the time came to grab our suits and ties and meet with our American sponsor: 📈💼👔Alliance Abroad. They were able to allocate our work and travel participants in the famous “Schlitterbahn Waterpark”. If you’re interested in working here, it is important to remember that only offer limited places for a limited time. 💡☝🏻🗣We had lunch together in another delicious Mexican restaurant before bidding each other adiue. 🇲🇽🤤They are truly incredible people, alway willing to converse, share a laugh, and give a helping hand. 😁☺️After that, we went to the Johnson’s Library, which also serves as a museum of President Johnson’s life and 1960’s America.🇺🇸It wouldn’t a real Texas visit without some football, so we decided to visit the University of Texas at Austin Football stadium. 🏈👊🏻With a 80,000 capacity and all the latest technology, the stadium is a MUST when in Austin!! In the afternoon, we visited the famous 6th street, which houses some of the most popular bars in the city.🍻🥂🍷 It was full of students and young people looking to have to have fun and meet new people. Truly and unforgettable experience!!😍🤩😁😊

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