Day 10- Back to Houston

We took advantage of our last day in the great state of Texas to visit the Space Centre 🚀🛰. I was really impressed by the pace simulators, which launch you into space, the movie theatre and everything about Apollo 11 and Apollo 13. 🛸🛰We saw space suits, moon rocks, rockets, robots, and much much more. Safe to say that the moon landing was not a hoax. 😜😅I personally preferred the JFK Space Centre in Florida, but this is has its own enchantment. We decided to eat at yet another Mexican restaurant. 🇲🇽Forget all the stereotypes you have about Mexican food, they have such a variety of dishes that it would take me weeks to try out every single one.😶🤤
After I told my friend Rafael about my childhood dream of buying a real pair of cowboy boots and he recommended I visit Cavender’s. 🤗👢Once there, I immediately understood why he recommended this particular store. I was filled with thousands and thousands of boots of all colours, styles, and sizes!! 🤯😱😃The most memorable thing to me was the soothing smell of leather. 🤤Since I know little about boots I asked one of their many kind salesmen, who directed me to a beautiful pair of boots with a Texas flag designed on the neck of the boot. I don’t know if I’ll get to use them much, but at least I achieved my dream. 🤠😅Before the sunset, we wanted to enjoy the nature one last time before our departure. 🌇Texas exceeded all of my expectations and then some. I highly recommend visiting this amazing state to anybody wishing to really grasp the essence of America. 🇺🇸🇨🇱Although theres a strong “American” influence, Texas is a place all on it’s own. Loved it!!😍😊

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