Day – 9 New Braunfels

Early morning, 😁☀️we left the hotel and we had a last stroll in one of Austin’s Natural Park, the landscapes of the Texas region are incredible. After that we took the road again back to San Antonio. 🚘To finish the mission road’s visit but first we had one last important thing to do: doing more shopping and buy ourselves a third luggage, as we already had too much clothes.😅😜
We got back to New Braunfels to another outlet where we got lucky enough to find a Samsonite store with everything at -50%.😱😭 Once a the piece of luggage bought we rushed at our favorite flagships: Ralph Lauren, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, Jandlers, etc… And we literally made a razzia before heading to San Antonio. 😊We got lucky enough to visit one mission, but we were too late to visit the last one as they close at 5pm which is a bit of a shame. 😒After that we drove 3 hours before reaching Houston, in the middle of the night, quite a journey…🚖😎🌇

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