Day 1: French Polynesia

Last summer, I travelled to French Polynesia ☀️🌍.

I left my home in France 🇨🇵, and I spend more than 36 hours on the plane ✈️ before I arrived in paradise. When I walked out of the airport in Tahiti, I was already in the Tahitian ambiance, directly I had a beautiful flower 🌸 necklace offered by local women.  I joined my father who was relaxing in a small harbor on his boat ⛵, which he sailed to the other side of the world on his own and I am really proud of.

The day I arrived was a special day, it was my father’s birthday! He had bought himself a birthday cake 🎂and I brought some Champagne🥂, so we could celebrate.

Later, he wanted to show me the most beautiful parts of the island of Tahiti, he was there since a few weeks, so he had already the time to explore. We went to a restaurant on the biggest mountain of the island with an amazing view on the clear blue ocean. We had a delicious lunch and decided to make a walk, one more time we had the most beautiful landscapes I have seen in my life, so green and exotic.

Once back on the boat we were so lucky, there were giant sea turtles 🐢swimming around us! This was the first time of my life I saw sea turtles, it was amazing.


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