Day 1- Miami

Day 1: As I arrived at the Miami Airport,✈ I was welcomed by the smiles on the face of the locals.🇺🇸😁😊😁Everyone looked so friendly and cheerful here. A lot of people helped me out to find the route to the hostel. I had to ride a crowded and steamy bus 🚌, yet I felt a sense of excitement as I was venturing in the unknown city with my suitcase packed for 3 months. Bus stop names sounded more and more exotic as the bus made its way down South Beach: « Indian Creek », « Washington Avenue », etc…🇺🇸🌴🌴🌴

 🌴🐠 I arrived at the Sobe hotel, a nice building « Art Nouveau », the signature architecture style of Miami. A few palm trees offered a shelter from the heat which made the heat almost bearable on the front side🌞🏜  The sun was so heavy that it was almost impossible to stay on the dazzling front yard 🌝. At that time of the day, the terrasse was empty but when the night comes dizains of young people would rush to the chairs and tables. Discussion lasted for hours with the help of Coronas and cocktails from the bar. The atmosphere was very festive, people were all students on a summer break.🍺 I knew that the temptation would be great to party a lot and showing to work a bit hangover on Mondays. 🎷🎸🎤🎉 The inside of the hostel looked great, new and clean, AC was blowing fresh air, and the darkness of the lobby made it breathable and nice.

It took a few hours to unpack my bags as I was doing so I met a Brazilian girl as well as a dancer from Texas. Both of them lived off gambling cards in casinos or bars. After unpacking my bags, the next step was to go to the beach. I had taken a peek of the incredible turquoise water from the plane when we landed It was getting late but I still went for a run on the wooden desk  that goes around the beach. The weather is so incredibly hot that i couldn’t last for 30 minutes! 🌴 🌴🐠✈🏜⛵ 88656932

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