Day 2- Miami

🌴🌴🐠✈ My priority today was to go to the ocean. I gathered my stuff and rushed to the beach which was minutes away from the hostel. First I needed to go to CVS to buy some water and sunscreen because the sun was so bright that I was afraid my skin would suffer. There were thousands of shops alongside the beach selling all kind of t-shirts, bikinis, souvenirs… The bars alongside the beach on Ocean Drive were as crowded during the day that they are during the night. The served Tekilas and cocktail in glasses that could contain litters of beverage.🍺🍹🍕🍔🍖 The smell of food was very strong as people enjoyed their time by the beach all day long. I was fascinated by the colors and smells that felt even more vivid in this bright day light.916996561-lincoln-road-ocean-drive-miami-beach-centro-commerciale.jpg 

After that stroll , I spent the whole day at the beach, the water was incredibly clear and the sand was so white it was almost blinding.🌴🐠🌝🌞 There were palms trees and luxurious bushes of leaves swishing behind the wooden deck it looked ridiculously green and lushly in this mid day light. The only think I cared to do during that day was to dive the transparent waters to refresh. After this long and lazy day at the beach, it was time to meet people from the front desk. Lithuanian, Russian, Spanish, Cuban, American, Italian, etc.. people from all horizon were gathered on the porch sipping Budlights and chatting in every languages.🎤 🎉I met a few people that night, some of them were to become friends and roomates.🍺🍹We all continued our night on the beach with some more beers and ended up in a small fastfood where we all had a greasy yet delicious cuban sandwich with fries. 

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