Day 3 : French Polynesia

The next day we decided to sail to the next Island called Huahine. We were the luckiest persons in this world: we saw a family of whales 🐳, probably a little with his parents, just after that we saws numerous dolphins 🐬 jumping around our boat making a show I will never forget.

Huahine is a less touristic island than Tahiti, it was a total immersion in the local culture, which we loved.  It was also the perfect place to go snorkeling, so we took our little zodiac right to the coral reefs to enjoy the colorful corals and thousands of fishes. 🐠🐚🐡🦑

We also made a tour around the island on our bike to go see the Maraes, old Polynesian religious places and went hiking through the mountains a few times.

Every night, the sky was full of stars🌟 and because there was almost no light around us, they were shining very brightly.

After a week enjoying de sea and the beaches, we sailed to the next stop.

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