Day 3- Miami

My first day at work. The road to work was amazingly beautiful. I had to cross the  bridges that goes through the Venetian Island and walk on a very quiet street border by modern villas. The vegetation looked so different and new to me, tropical flower and bushes, exotic blossoming, mango trees, avocado trees. I found some fruits on the pavement half eaten by the small animals living the area. It was so early and quiet that I saw dolphins and iguanas on my way to work. I finally arrived at the Grand Condominium a gigantic 30 story building. The office was on the 27th floor, it was a first for me, the view from the balcony was breathtaking as we could see the Venetian Islands and the whole Midtown. The wind was blowing strong on the 27th floors it was the first breeze of fresh air I felt since my arrival. During my lunch break I went outside for a few minutes and had a short stroll. I was lucky enough to see a few manatees playing in the water as I was wandering by the port. On my way back home that day I quickly stopped at a Mall and bought perfumed soaps, shower gel, body scrubs and cream, face masks, as well as some item for my futur house like candles and linen. Everything was so inexpensive that I kept being and being until I couldn’t fit anymore bags in my arms. When I went back to the hotel my boss’ daughter picked me up in a huge SUV and we went for a few drinks in a cool area near the sea. I saw the most beautiful sunset of my life as the light turned the sea into a delicate pink mirror. After that we went downtown and had american sushis. I was quite surprised because it tasted nothing like Japanese sushis, some of them were deep fried or covered in mayonnaise. I went back at the hostel and gathered with my new friends the backyard where we could enjoy some music before I go back to my room. 11080980_10206154072672558_8875770823591800156_n

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