Day 4 : French Polynesia

After 20hours of sailing through a very rough ocean we arrived at another part of paradise: Bora Bora. This island is well-known for it’s beaches, clear blue water and huge expensive resorts. It’s true de beaches are amazing ant the island itself is so nice with it’s green mountains contrasting with the turquoise ocean. Moreover, there are a lot of oyster pearl shops on the island, we were lucky to be invited on one of the pearl farms to see how they cultivated those pearls everyone like, those farms are little wooden houses constructed on the water, you have to go by boat to visit them.  

A funny anecdote about the Polynesian islands is that everyone hitchhikes, there is no public transportation and almost no taxis, so you just put your thumb up and you will be sure to have a ride in a few minutes, which is very practical.

One day at Bora Bora, we swim with tens of sharks 🦈 and sting rays, one of the best moments of my life. We were a little scared at the beginning but after a few minutes it is so magical you definitely forget about the danger they can be, and you enjoy their majesty.

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