Day 5 : French Polynesia

And the last stop before going back home: the island Raiatea where we spend 10 days. We made a lot of sailor friends in the harbor. We spend a great time with all of them. That’s also what travelling is all about, meet people.

We also went hiking a few times, they all are memorable. The first hiking was to the waterfalls, unfortunately is was raining a lot that day and the path very slippery but after a few hours we managed to arrive at the waterfall which was definitely worth the struggling. The second hiking was to the top of the mountain, it took us about 4 hours to reach the top. On our way up, we crossed a lot of animals such as cows🐄, pigs🐖and beautiful birds🐦. Once more the hike up was worth it, we were rewarded with a beautiful view from the top on the ocean and coral reef

I only keep good memories of this boat trip through the Polynesian islands and can recommend it to everyone.


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