Day 4: Georgia

Day 4- Borjomi National Park and Akhaltsikhé

We went to the village information point and we found our there were many trails available in Borjormi National Park. They all start from Likani village: a spot located 3 kilometers away from Bojomi. This is not as easy to find at first, because you need to drive through a small village and country roads, but once you get to this place, man! This is paradise for nature lovers! You can even camp, you can do horse riding and in the summer you can even do paragliding! We walked into the forest and after a 30 minute walk we found out the main departure for all treks in the mountain and the surroundings. We didn’t want to take one on that day because we wanted to visit another place in the afternoon but I thought I will definitely come back to this place! We drove, in the afternoon to Akhaltsikhé Fortress, which means “The New Fortress”, located about an hour away from Borjomi, this place is about a thousand years old and has survived many invasions through the centuries as this place was a strategic place for trading. The Fortress gave its name to the city and now the local government is renovating, the whole place, which is massive and will take a tremendous amount of time! There’s a synagogue inside, very high towers, large squares, fountains and alleys of all different styles: European, middle-eastern and oriental. There are even restaurants inside the fortress and I heard they are planning to construct luxury hotels as well. Tomorrow We will discover another human wonder: Vardzia!


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