Day 5: Georgia

Day 5- Borjomi National Park and Vardzia

The day was sunny and just perfect for a nice trek! That’s why we came back to Borjomi National Park and we took path number 5 (the red one) we were hiking until we reached the mountain’s top! The view was magnificent! We were literally surrounded by an ocean of forest! The air was so pure and humid; it was just moist! Although it was hot, we could not feel the heat, we just walked though the forest hidden under its shadow and freshness! We carried on walking without noticing that the path we took was 15 km and it was going higher and higher! I wanted to carry on to the camper’s shelter but Katia was exhausted! She wanted to go back! I was trying to convince her to carry on as we were almost reaching the half-way point but she refused and to be honest I underestimated the trekking path. So we went all the way back and trust me that was way easier as it went down none-stop! So, I didn’t hear Katia this time) All together it took us a three and half hour walk and I had to drive because Katia was all red, sweaty and if she had to take the wheel, she would certainly die… So, I drove to a new spot: Vardzia: in other words, the “cave homes” where people lived something like 3500 years ago or so… It was worth visiting but it was so goddamned far away from anywhere! IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE! There was just cows and pigs running away freely, looking for food! We spent about an hour and a half visiting Vardzia. The place is so big, you can easily play hide and seek with a thousand people there! The best part was the Old Church sculpted in the rock and a way leading to the mount’s top with a very deep view over the valley! Wicked! On the way back I wanted to take a shortcut through the mountains to get back to Borjomi but it turned out the road was closed because of snow and we had to go all the way back! So instead of spending an hour and half drive, it took us 3 hours and a half to get back to Borjomi! Great! We came back at 22:30 in the evening… Exhausted!

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