Day 7: Georgia

Day 7- Kutaisi surroundings

We started the day with the Sapati National Park because it was the closest. It’s famous for its Dinosaurs, its cave and its luxurious forest. The dinosaurs… Well, I’m too old for that, though I was a big fan when I was a kid. To be honest, I prefer the ones I saw at Universal studios! The cave… was ok… What can I say? Water drops charged of magnesium and calcium creating either stalactites or stalagmites, as always… The forest was splendid (like all over the country I guess) but what I enjoyed the most was the glass bridge! There was a beautiful panorama and you could see right under your feet! Katia got vertigo but I quite enjoyed it! Next, on the way to Prometheus cave, we found this lovely restaurant by a lake where a frog band sang songs! We finally reached the cave. We bought 2 tickets for 10 euros and we followed a massive group of tourists! We went down as far as 20 meters under ground, humidity was 90% and the temperature dropped by 15 degrees (which was much appreciated compared to the 30 degrees outside) there was beautiful stalagmites and stalactites and calcium curves, all that highlighted by colorful lights inside the cave. Sometimes we had to go through narrow passages, sometimes we would find ourselves in a gigantic 80-meter-high hall under ground. The visit lasted about an hour and soon after we headed to a famous 1000-year-old monastery still inhabited by monks but which is now a tourist spot and a common place for wedding photo shooting. We visited another 1000-year-old monastery built by “David The Builder”, one of the most famous Georgian Tsars’ :D. Which used to be a place of prayers but also a place of research and development for the intellectuals back in those days. We came back to our hotel and we commonly agreed not to visit Poti: a small port city but to go straight to visiting Batumi, the second most important city of Georgia. 🙂


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