Day 1: Ambassadors adventures in Central America!

Day 1: Arrival in San Jose, Costa Rica

After a 12 hour exhausting journey: SPB – Paris – San Jose, I finally arrived in world’s most ecological country: Costa Rica! 45% of its territory is covered by rainforest and it was the main reason why I wanted to go to this place! I waited about 45 min for my luggage drop-off and my couchsurfer host: Marco was kind enough to arrange me an UBER X as their airport internet connection was not very reliable…

The journey to Marco’s house was endless, not because of the distance but because of the crazy traffic jams. In this country it’s possible to pay either in dollars or “colonas”. I didn’t have the change in dollars but Marco was kind enough to give me the change in advance.

After leaving my stuff at his place, we went for a walk and he explained to me that he was working as a University teacher, he was preparing for a big road trip in China and then Tibet, he knew Spanish, English, Italian, German and he was learning Chinese. Marco is a very interesting person and a cool guy to hang out with)

We went to an animated district and we entered a bar where I had…….. it’s a kind of bouillon of rice, meat, onions and spices, delicious I reckon! After, he showed me around some more places and we came back to his place where I crashed in my bed… Dead tired!

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