Day 3: Ambassadors adventures in Central America!

Day 3: “Paraiso” and Hell!

I was supposed to go with Marco on this day to visit the Botanical Garden of Paraiso. It turned out he didn’t come because he was hungover as hell. So I went on my own there. It was not to far but the transportation and the roads are so inconvenient that it took literally ages to go there. I had to take a bus from San Jose to Cartago and from Cartago to Paraiso and then walk something like 40 min on foot to get to this goddamned garden which was ridiculously small! To be honest, it was cute but not worth the journey… Plus on my way back, I was going from the townships witnessing how miserable some lives were and how lucky and blessed I was…

I arrived late and as soon as I returned home, Marco told me about his fundraising project he had. He’s supposed to go to Tibet to teach children for 3 months, they are supposed to offer him some accommodation and food, but he needs money for himself. So, he created this fundraising project on to invite people to take part and contribute financially to help him. I said I would spread the word. I crashed on the bed, trying to get myself mentally ready for 1/5: “Parc National Braulio Carrillo”!


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