Day 4: Ambassadors adventures in Central America!

Day 4: Parc National Braulio Carrillo

I had to walk all the way to the city center to reach the meeting point. At 9:30 am the shuttle took us for an hour and a half journey to Parc National Braulio Carillo, where we were briefed before being equipped for the zip lining! I was with a Mexican-American family from San Diego, C.A. they were kind people and we had good fun zipping around the jungle, I felt like Tarzan somehow with this luxurious rain forest and wildlife. It was as if I was surfing on top of the trees, birds and butterflies were flying by me and filled my lungs with this moisturized air as much as I could. We ended up with the longest zip line which was 700-meter long. When I went down, it last about a minute to reach the other end. After that, they took us to the cable car, which led us to the top of the mountain. We had wide variety of animals, insects and flora, with a gorgeous panoramic view over the rain forest!

When we came back, we had a quick lunch (the portions were ridiculous by the way ) and the tour guide took us on a visit to see the humming birds, we learned interesting facts like they have 700 heart beat per minute, the female humming bird refused to have intercourse with the male if he doesn’t give her food and much more like that, we moved on to poisonous tiny frogs and venomous snakes and in the end, the butterflies reserve. The butterflies were feeding on rotten bananas when a coati (kind of like a racoon) came in and ate all of them. Greedy boy! Soon after we were on our way back! That was a cool excursion!

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