Day 5: Ambassadors adventures in Central America!

Day 5: Tortuguero and massive deception!

God! If I knew, I wouldn’t have come! Everyone told me to go to Tortuguero for the wildlife, turtles and flora! It was said to be one of the best spot in Costa Rica, therefore, I was hooked! But what was expecting me was much different!

It took us bloody 3 hours from San Jose to the Suerte River and then another hour to get to Tortuguero! Which was completely ridiculous! 8-hour transportation! If only I could have seen anything from the boat: a croc, snakes, or whatever! No! Just a dead drowned cow! When we arrived, it was pouring down so much with such a heavy mist, it was impossible to see anything from a far distance! As I took a day tour, the only thing I could do was a walk on the beach and the Tortuguero village located between the Caribbean’s ocean and the Suerte river. I mean, it could have been nice, but the season was not good at all and the 1-day tour doesn’t give you any chance to see anything worth it! If I had stay eventually 2-3 nights, I might have but these tour operators’ guys could have told me!

A few positive points though: the lunch was very nice! It was a proper grand hotel’s lunch, I met a very funny Italian guy in my group who made me laugh a lot! That compensated a bit but hey! No one can predict, unless you see!


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