Day 6: Ambassadors adventures in Central America!

Day 6: Park Manuel Antonio and deluge!

The Tortuguero syndrome was back again! Long, long road ! About 3 hours something to get to the Park but on the way I was lucky enough to have found a fun American girl to talk to. Thais was her name, she lives in New Jersey and she is working full-time as a H.R. Rep for a company in New York and as an INSTA model as a part-time job. The rest of the group was… Very… Extremely… Boring! As soon as we arrived, we were splashed by a biblical deluge and the guide, who was anything but a guide kept the group’s pace slow… Very slow… Under heavy rain! I was fed up this time and I took the leadership! I said to Thais: “Let’s get in the park and let’s run away from these f***ing morons!”. She couldn’t agree more!

We walk about 10 min before reaching a half-moon shaped Laguna surrounded by rain forest. Although it was raining, the best thing we could do was: diving in! We changed ourselves and we swam against massive waves which crushed us and washed back to the shore! It was fun though! We were like kids fighting against mother nature’s waves! Right after, we took our stuff and walked further on the beach and right at the end we took a trail. The park’s trails were very awkward: going up and down, following the cliff, it was not very practical to walk as the trails steps turned into mini-pools, so we were soaking wet but there were beautiful panoramic spots over the ocean and the shore! The wildlife was very shy even there… We barely saw a sloth, very high above, on top of a tree, a kind of “rat-pig” which I can’t remember the exact name (I apologize for my ignorance) and a few birds. Also we heard howling monkeys but with such a rain, I guess all animals decided to go home… After swimming one more time we headed to the restaurant meeting point where we had a “fair” lunch. On the way back, we had to squeeze against one another, as there was not much space and take an extra 45-minute drive for road work! Groovy Baby!


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