Day 9: Georgia

Day 9 – Last days and conclusion…

We loved Borjomi so much that we decided to come back to that place and spend another 3 nights. The weather was not great but we found ourselves another inexpensive 5 star-hotel “The Crowne Plaza” with a gorgeous American continental breakfast, spa, free access to the historical park and much more so we were quite pleased and we enjoyed many trails in the wilderness before heading back to Tbilisi and to the airport.

If I had to say a few words about Georgia for a short or long-term vacation, I would definitely recommend this destination because it is absolutely inexpensive in terms of restaurants and hotels, although Georgian food is tasty I would not eat it everyday, I would get the same volume as Georgian people) I’d say you can easily live with less than 50 dollars/day if your budget is restricted. The country’s must see is of course nature: they have God knows how many national parks among them the biggest one in Europe: The Borjomi one with amazing treks, also they have hundreds of years of history and many UNESCO monuments that definitely need to be visited, people are genuinely kind and are ready to help you and if I had to come back I would for sure!

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