Day 7: Ambassadors adventures in Central America!

Day 7: Isla de la Tortugua and the Sun came back!
This day was glorious: nice, hot, sunny weather, the port was just an hour and a half from San Jose and the traffic was clear for a change! We had a quick breakfast before going onboard! Our guide: Jose was the loveliest, funniest guide we’ve ever had so far! He was entertaining, signing and dancing with people from the group. On the way we saw giant turtles, rays and flying fish before entering the archipelago of “La Tortugua”.

Each island was surrounded with rain forest. As we sailed by the islands, there were butterflies flying by, over the water! As we arrived to the destination: a small beach on an island, we left our stuff and we took our snorkeling equipment! We came onboard again and a few hundreds of meters away, we dived in. I didn’t see much apart from fish but I enjoyed diving! As we came back a delicious lunch was waiting for us. I sat at a table with a fun American middle-aged man, Kyle, his name was, he is a Merchandize boat Captain, there was also a Mexican woman, Maria, working as a Spanish teacher and her friend Pam, who was old enough to be her mom but she was a lovely lady.

After lunch, I played beach volley with a group of American guys and girls. They were all nice and fun people to hang out with and we won the match mainly thanks to a tall African guy. In the afternoon, we tried banana boat, this was a short loop but fun too and the end, they threw us off the banana boat into the water. We played another beach volley match, this time we lost “in extremis” (the African

guy was playing in the opposite team this time). The staff took all the equipment, left overs and we came back aboard our ship! I set foot on the deck, standing, glazing at the horizon, I couldn’t get my eyes off this beautiful sunset and deep inside I wished that “summer never ends”, the wind was whipping my face, the fresh air filled my lungs and I was nothing but happy on this journey back to port… Good things have an end unfortunately but these short moments we lived are within us forever!

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