Day 8: Ambassadors adventures in Central America!

Day 8: Monteverde, a mountain journey!
God! It hurts! Ever though I used a 50 sunscreen protection, my back, my shoulders and my head got sunburnt! I was lucky enough to have found a hydratating cream the day before, 10 minutes before the shop closed! But still, I will have to buy an Aleo Vira gel, it is very painful!

The bus left at 6:30 in the morning and the road was clear but the real journey started when we reached the mountains. It was a beautiful scenery: green hills and mountains to the horizon, that’s the reason why this place is called Monteverde: “the Green Mount” but the road wasn’t paved or tarmacked and it was very twisty. Although it was not a long distance, that’s why it took us so long to get there. As I got off the bus, I bought myself what I needed for my sunburns and I asked a tour shop what was there to do in Monteverde. In one word, it’s all about “nature”. Trails, hanging bridges in the jungle, zip-lining (again), rafting, climbing, bunji rope, Superman cable, camping. I was living the dream of a happy hippie) I took a package which included zip-lining, Tarzan cable, Superman cable, suspended bridges, humping birds garden for 90 dollars, which was reasonable! I found myself a nice little hostel, “El Sueno”, where I got my self an individual room for $12 a night with breakfast included. Good times! After walking around the village, I quickly realized there was not much to do, Monteverde village is just a backpacker place where people hang out before doing outdoor activities. Apart maybe from 1 fun place which I recommend, called the “Tree House”. This is a huge tree in a middle of a bar- restaurant. So, there’s no roof above the tree and if you wanna go to the second or third floor, you need to take the stairs going around the tree. Anyways, I got myself a good rest because tomorrow, outdoor activities involves a lot of physical efforts!

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