Day 11: Ambassadors adventures in Central America!

Day 11: The longuest Bus Journey… Ever!
I woke up at 4 am, walked to the bus station, took a first bus to a godforsaken place in the mountain, I had to change for the correspondence to San Jose, I arrived at about 12:00 in San Jose, I crossed the whole San Jose to another bus station and I was lucky enough to catch a bus to Rio Claro (on the way to Golfito) just 7 minutes before departure. (I felt blessed!) I had an extra 6 hours’ journey ahead of me. I got of at Rio Claro to catch a city bus to Golfito, an extra hour journey when all became suddenly dark and rainy and when I say rainy: it was in fact a deluge! I was recommended a hotel but got off too early, I went on the over side of the road, asked locals who had no idea what this place was, when I met this 19-year-old pregnant girl who mentioned she heard of a hotel not to far from here. She also mentioned she was trying to get home but she needed 1000 colones to go back to her place and she had no money. I doubt it was true but she deserved her “tip” knowing that I was getting really wet, cold, impatient and I could not see anything in this pitch dark world! There was indeed a lodging not too far from here but not the one I was looking for! It had no importance now! I just took a room for 1 night with breakfast included for $50 and as soon as I came inside the room, I crashed on the bed! Exhausted! Thinking this goddamned journey is not over yet!


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