Day 9: Ambassadors adventures in Central America!

Day 9: When Superman meets Tarzan!
At 8 am, the shuttle took me with 10 other people to their local National Park. When we arrived, I showed the voucher to the cash-desk guy, who gave me the instructions, a key and a lock for the locker. I left my stuff and I queue to get my zip-lining and superman equipment. Once done, other buses were waiting for us outside to take us to the beginning of the zip-tour. I don’t know how many people were there but it must have been at least 35 dudes! I thought I would wait ages but the process was quite smooth and swift, the staff was very organized and they positioned themselves in different trees so we could move on. I tried the longest zip line in Latin America, it was a 3-minute-long zip-line and it was quite enjoyable. But we had to be 2 so that we reach the end.

Right after, there was the Tarzan for those who wanted to try. I was among them! It didn’t last long, about 1 minute: you just throw yourself from a platform up above and you wing thanks to a rope until the guy catches your leg to slow you down. In the end, the best attraction: The Superman! They wrap you in a bag help by 2 stripes and you slide all the way down thanks to a cable. I must say, this is very, very… Impressive! I really felt like Superman flying above the jungle. I recorded a video and it seemed pretty much like “Jurassic Park” opening scene, the only thing missing were the dinosaurs! At the end of the Superman attraction, we just had to walk a couple of hundreds of meters to find ourselves back to the start point)

I had some water and food from my bag and I went to visit the Humming birds garden. It was small but it was very pretty and relaxing to see these birds drinking from hand-made reservoirs of nectars. They were so fast, sometimes they were passing by my hears and I had the impression that a supersonic aircraft passed above my head. They don’t really like feeding next to people, so I tried to stay still, as much as I could, sitting on a bench. I took lovely pictures and videos as they are one of my favorite birds.
After, I started the jungle tour with the suspended bridges in the forest. There were a few, long and high above, offering you a unique perspective over the rainforest, there were big guided -groups, but I ran away from them. I’d rather enjoy spending time on my own, in silence in the quietness of mother nature, taking photos and deep-breathing the pure, fresh, air from the mountain. At the end of the trail, I visited the butterfly house, which is huge, hot and humid, where all tropical butterflies from different colors are flying around you in this bucolic atmosphere.

When I finished, I had a cake and a hot chocolate at their restaurant. But I don’t really recommend it. Everything there is overpriced. I came back to Monteverde Village, to this tour agency I’ve been to and spoke to this guy: Eric, his name is. Very nice person, he could not speak a word of English so again, we spoke Spanish and he introduced me over attractions. Everything was pretty much the same but the Super under a tunnel and a Bungee rope but they were sold separately (not in a package) and I didn’t really fancy spending $75 for 20 min bungee rope (knowing that with this amount of money, you can do many things in Costa Rica) so I decided instead to buy my jeep trip to La Fortuna, my next destination. Eric explained me that there were options: either by bus, but it takes about 6 hours to get there, because the driver needs to drive around the lake. Either by jeep/boat 1 and half hour by jeep and another 30 minutes by boat, 2 hours altogether, for 25 dollars, which is very reasonable. So we booked the jeep/boat tour for 8 am the next day. The adventure sounds promising!

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