Day 15: Sirena Camping Station


We woke up with the sun! I had these weird dreams: I was in the dark with all these screams coming from everywhere… 👿 I guess it was just the night animals’ screams whilst I was asleep… The only breakfast I had was nuts from yesterday. We didn’t even think of purchasing a breakfast at Sirena, this is too expensive! $25 for a breakfast and idem for a lunch. #reapoff! Danny took us on a trail which lead us at the beach first, there was not really must to see, so we carried on further in the jungle and we saw our dear spider-monkeys and cappuccino monkeys! Bush turkeys, beautiful butterflies and running lizards. The night before was rainy, so all the paths were very muddy and it was a struggle to step forward.


We came back to our beach where in the end we found an open-mouthed “American crocodile” sunbathing. Danny explained to us they do that so they can regulate their body’s temperature cool. We were about to step back in the jungle I search of more wildlife, when suddenly, we found a family of wild boars, about 6 or 7 of them, eating peacefully, our presence didn’t seem to bother them.


At about 10 am, we came back to the refuge because the afternoon heat is unbearable. Being in the jungle from 10 am to 2 pm is like being in an oven and all the animals are either sleeping or hiding in the shade. So we did pretty much the same, we took a nap.


When we got back in the jungle, it was about 2 pm and this time we got luckier, we found coatis and a tapir on top of sloths hanging in the trees. We walked all the way back to the crocodile river where there was a group which had just crossed.
One of the guides had a long glass and we were spying on the sunbathing crocodiles on the beach! 😎
Delightful spectacle! As we walked back I realized I lost my havaianas!  😮  😮
I took them with me instead of leaving them at the refuge and I must certainly have lost them whilst walking around the bushes with Danny and Jacob! Anyways, this is not a big loss) In the evening we got introduced to a new round of visitors: among them a cool group of German Swiss guys who came for 2 days/ 1 night and then back to Jimenez.


I keep on thinking, this is what I should have done! But I don’t know why… At this moment, Danny told me that there was a problem with my luggage: it was supposed to arrive on Monday but because of the flooding the transportation was cancelled and the next one would be on Tuesday at 1 pm which means, staying 1 night in Drake, which I had to do at some point, because I would not have enough time left to catch all the correspondences back to San Jose… Danny was offering me to bring me my luggage on Monday with his own motorbike for $80! Joker! 😐


Or getting back to Jimenez with him on Monday which could have been an option, but on the other hand… I had no food on the way back and I certainly was not gonna buy this overpriced nutriments in Sirena (e.g. 1 chocolate snicker = $2 and this is the cheapest thing you can get…) 👿 👿 it would take the whole day to walk back + taking the banana truck again to arrive in the evening, take my $25 refund, take my luggage all that to spend the night in Jimenez and the next day take all the correspondences back to San Jose! No! I would stick to the first plan, I have never seen Drake and I heard good stuff about it! I mean, this is supposed to be an adventure! So, let’s see what happens! ➡ ➡ ➡



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