Costa Rica, Day 16: Arrival in Drake

Danny left us to another guide, after spending 2 hours with us. He had to walk all the way back to Carate and then take the banana truck to Jimenez, which is quite a long journey. After waiting for the heat wave to dash off, our guide led us to the beach where we were supposed to wait for our boat, on our way, we found a tapir family: a mom and its kid chilling out on the beach and a few “caracara” (hawk) taking this opportunity to remote all the skin parasites they had, to eat them.

It was such a rare spectacle, we recorded it and we photoshot it with our guide’s spyglass. I was quite happy with the result! Finally, our boat arrived, at low tide, but still we had to walk a certain distance to get to it. It was a kind of skipper but bigger. We sailed about one and a half hour, we were literally surfing on big waves, nothing to be seen… Apart from these luxury ecolodges between the seashore and the jungle. It must be quite expensive to stay 1 night there. On the way, we didn’t even see dolphins.

As we arrived to Drake, the village looked quite fun but very tiny, everything was super concentrated: bars, restaurants, tourism agencies, tour agencies… We walked with Jacob to a hotel that a couple of Canadians recommended called Margarita. We got a proper double room for $40 for 2 (low-season fare). As soon as we got in, we were so thankful for getting back to civilization: a proper bed, a proper shower with hot water, air con… I would have kissed the floor! In the evening we had a beer in a seedy bar, the only thing close to the hotel we could find and we had a proper good night sleep! The one we didn’t have for the last 3 days!


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