Costa Rica, Day 17: Back to civilization

“What did you think of Danny?”, said Jacob,

“He was too much of a sweet talker”, I replied,

– He was indeed a sweet talker

– Ok, let’s be honest, he was full of shit!

– I didn’t dare to say that

– But let’s face it: the guy is coming with almost no equipement for 1 day treck in the jungle…

– Plus, he was asking us if we had light, a lighter, a knife and things that a normal guide was supposed to have…

– Because of all the breaks we had we almost didn’t make it before the tide!

– Yes, I almost forgot that!

– Jeez, if we had been stuck I would had been so pissed!

– Well, I was pissed for the crocodile river!

– That was so irresponsible!

– And guess what?! I checked on the internet, the day we crossed was the highest tide of the month! And the place we crossed was a hunting spot for crocs and bullsharks!

– Are you serious?!

– Yeah! That happens is the fish are going in the ocean back and forth so all the bull sharks are following them in the river and the crocs are normally waiting on the beach to warm their body and they have fish as a lunch.

– Shoot! That’s crazy!

– Yeah! And for the luggage they could have sent it but they were trying to save costs…

– Damn! What’s the time now?! I need to wait for this goddamned luggage at 1 pm

– Sure! I’m gonna make a move to my boat is supposed to leave very soon!

We had a warm farewell, I really enjoyed spending the last four days for Jacob, he’s a cool guy from L.A., I really hope to see him again either in Saint Petersburg or USA. When I got to the bus stop, I waited the shuttle for over 2 hours, it was late as anything but my luggage was there… Which was already good! It didn’t take long before the boat to Sierpe came on the beach and picked us all, it took us 1h30 to get there under heavy rain! We were as wet as rugs and thanks God that my hat was protecting me against drops whipping our faces!

When we arrived, we had a collective taxi to Palma del Norte with traffic jams on the road and the only bus left to San Jose was at 18:30 with over 5 hours exhausting drive! I arrived at 1 am and took a taxi to Trippon Open House, a hostel opposite Marco’s place! I was desperate for a long night sleep and happy to get back to civilization!

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