Costa Rica, Day 19: Kawita National Park

The day was just perfect to go to the National Park! I paid 800 colones for my bus ticket and whist I was waiting for my bus, I met this 33-year-old Mexican woman heading to the same direction. Her name was Emanuella, she was a nutritionist, on holiday, on her own. We spoke for a while and we decided to discover the park together.


The park is so huge; it literally takes 4 hours from the entry to the other exit. As we walked in, we were asked to give a donation for the park maintenance (which I prefer to give instead of these damned tips…) we walked alongside the beach and we found cappuccino monkeys jumping from branches to branches, getting close to tourist to get some food. They are used to people for sure! I had a bag of nuts in my back bag and I gave some to the monkey while Emanuella was recording a video with my phone, later on, we found a raccoon, again, not scared of anything, so we handfed him, he was happy enough and disappeared in the jungle.

We, later, laid down on the beach and went for a swim, the water clean but the temperature was kind of weird: there were hot and cold streams, one after the other, so when you made one step on the left it would be cold and another step on the left, it would be hot again) We carried on in the jungle but still walking parallel to the coastline. We saw all different kind of species: lizards, blue butterflies, howling monkeys, iguanas, parrots, … At some point we found another nice spot on the beach were we sunbathed and swam again, everything was just perfect: the weather, the jungle, the ocean, the temperature, I had this feeling of wellbeing, I’d like to catch this moment and time would never stop.


We carried on our journey in the jungle, it was already 4 hours we were in the park and I didn’t see the time passing by. We eventually reached a 2 kilometers wood trail in the jungle just above a swamp and we had we had this strange impression to be protected by the forest. We saw families of howling monkeys, playing on the trees, more butterflies and we enjoyed the forest serenity most of all. Emanuella told me that it was her first time to Costa Rica, we was quite enjoying it, she recently divorced and she wanted to change career to become an air company pilot. She was following a training for 3 years and she had 2 years left. She was quite enjoyable to talk to and funny. I mean so far, all the Mexicans I met were quite nice people. We finally reached the Park exit at 3 pm after spending about 5 hours there.


We caught the bus back to Puerto Viejo and we bid each other farewell. In the evening, I met downtown with a guy I met at the hostel for drinks and when we came back, at about 10 pm, we could not believe our eyes! In Selina’s Hostel, there was a massive Pool Party with 150 people getting wild! I had never seen so many drinks, so much music and so much fun in my life! I rushed to my room, grabbed myself swimming shorts and tossed myself in the swimming pool, were we played knights fights with different people, there were so many people in the pool that the water started to come out, the DJ was very good, the music louder and louder and people getting crazier of course! There were many students from San Jose coming especially there for the weekend to celebrate as well as many foreigners, lots of English, lots of Australians, lots of Americans, Germans and I. Unfortunately, good things got an end and by 2 am, they had to play the last song “Infinity” and that was pretty much the end. That was the first pool party I ever had and it was quite fun)

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