Guatemala, Day 1: A warm welcome!

At the arrival, my first looks around gave me the sad impression that this country was even poorer than Costa Rica! And I was not mistaken! As soon as I got out of the airport, it was a happy, messy crowd of taxi drivers, bumps, tramps, street sellers… the usual kind of scene, you see in under-developed countries…


My couchsurfer host, Gissel was kind enough to fetch me at the airport with a friend of hers. Which was much appreciated because, nowadays, unless you use UBER, you always get tricked by these taxi drivers! It was about 22:30 when I saw a small silver Asian car, (from a brand I never heard before) and a tiny, curly, black haired woman opened the passenger’s seat and the trunk’s door. I quickly put my luggage and myself inside the car and her friend drove about 40 minutes before we could reach her place.

On the way, many slums, many drafters… Each time, Gissel was saying, “Aqui, muy peligroso, aqua muy peligroso …” I quickly understood it was dangerous pretty much everywhere) She was living in the city center, so I was lucky enough was not “peligroso”. She was living in a small flat, but cosy and it didn’t take me long to pass out. Tomorrow, I would spend the whole day visiting Guatemala City and after, who knows?)

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