Guatemala, Day 3: Meeting good people

Again I had to wake up and leave at Gissel’s schedule, again I had breakfast in TG Friday and again, I went to the mall where I caught up with my internet work. I tried to come back to the bank to change more money and this time, it worked! I spoke a young lady, I pretended to come for the first time and everything when smoothly! Good times! After all this was done, I had a look at the Tripadvisor “Top 10 places to visit in Guatemala City” and to tell you the truth, I had done pretty much everything in 1 day!

So I ordered an UBER and I witched to another Big Mall a few kilometers from there, I wandered around and at 17:00, I went to meet my couchsurfing people at the “rendez-vous” place: a suburban bar. The Couchsurfer girl who invited me there was the bartender, we had a talk in the meantime waiting for Gissel and Maya. I had many questions regarding my road trip and she gave me valuable information. Long story short, she told me everywhere in Guatemala, the roads were shabby so I would have to spend long hours on the road. There were two options: the “bus pollo” or “chicken bus” which was a very “rock and roll” bus for people with limited money and anything could happen (like in the Wild Wild West or there was private transportation designed for foreigners, more expensive though more secured and I would definitely be sure that my luggage would not be “lost” when I arrive. Valuable information! As for the time I had and the road trip, she recommended me to go to Antigua, visit the city and the volcanoes, visit lake Atitlan, then move to Quetzaltenango for their typical local market, go to Lanquin and Semuc-Champey for the spring water natural pools and the caves, have a look at Rio Dulce and Livingston (the Caribbean side) if I had time and go all the way to Flores, Tikal and Yaxha: the World famous Maya sites. It seemed like quite a very complete road trip for 3 weeks and much more organized than my Costa Rican one))

Soon after, an elegant mid-thirties woman with long black hair, came in and I asked the barman if he had seen a French guy! I waved at her and she came to us. She started speaking English and she soon realized I could speak Spanish, so the whole conversation carried on in Spanish, Maya explained me we was working in the export industry, for an American company, she was from Guatemala City, her parents too, she was single and she wanted to travel and meet new people that’s why she was an active Couchsurfing user. She was very kind and knowledgeable about her country. She also gave me valuable advice! Right after this conversation came Gissel. She was very pleased to meet new people, especially 2 new girls! So it turned out the whole conversation was a very girly chat)) But it was all right! I didn’t mind bringing people together and creating new local friendship)) Gissel and Maya wanted to take me in a lounge bar called “Abeja”: “The Bee”! Why not?! It was located in a mall  but the bouncer didn’t want to let me in : “Private party” and also becasue I looked too “gringo”)) Nobody’s perfect…

Instead, we went to the mall bought snacks, wine and guacamole, we came bak to Gissel place and we talked the whole night sipping wine and eating snacks like students would do! I really enjoyed the evening) I took Maya’s contact just in case and tomorrow, I decided that I would try the chicken bus just to have an idea and considering Antigua was only 30 kilometers from Guatemala City, I thought everything would be all right… Or not?! …

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