Guatemala, Day 4: Antigua and Papaya!

Gissel was right! The chicken bus is really a Wild Wild West mean of transportation! First I had to walk quickly to the bus stop because the streets in Guatemala City are very dangerous and even more when you are a gringo) But nothing happened, I’m a tall, buff guy) It took about two hours to get to Antigua, the fare was something like $5, super cheap, they put my luggage on the bus’roof and voila! When I arrived in Antigua, the city was much more welcoming than Guatemala City!


You could clearly feel it was a former Spanish colony when you have a look at the limestone buildings, the way the streets were designed, the Roman Catholic Churches with Gothic style. This time, I didn’t book anything on booking, I took the freedom to walk, ask and look around to see if I like it or not! I eventually found a nice Hotel called Papaya with security check, open bar, living-room, garden and much more! I immediately liked the place and I booked for 3 nights, it was $12/night with breakfast included) I walked around the city, I visited former colonial administration buildings, the local market, the cathedrals, the central square and in the evening I had local street food, I remember, you can eat a huge, enormous taco for the equivalent of $1.30! God saves Central America!

I also spoke to locals regarding the local activities here and every agent recommended of course: “Volcan de Agua” and “Volcan de Fuego” (the one which killed 60 people last month) but when I spoke to other travelers and and local about my road trip and much more… They said, there was no point visiting 2 volcanoes and I would have the opportunity to visit much more in the country, as we are in “El anillo de Fuego” : “The Ring of Fire”. So I followed this advice, I would visit local stuff tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, I would go on a 2 day camping tour to Acatenango to the Volcan de Fuego!

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