Guatemala, Day 6: A night in the seventh circle of Hell

As I came into my tent ⛺ I dressed myself very warmly. The temperature dropped down to -10°C, inside we were seven people and yet it was still very cold. I tried the best I could to get some sleep, but it was impossible as the cold was biting me deep into my flesh and bones. My feet were frozen, although the rest of my body was covered with winter clothes and camping blankets.

At about three in the morning I came out and looked for a lighter, pieces of wood, timber, so I could light a fire. The guides came to me asking me what I was doing, I just told them that I was frozen and I desperately needed a camp fire. I heard a noise and a few minutes after two guys came by the fireplace for the same purpose. My feet could at least be warmed up and my eyes were still tearing from the cold. One of the two guys came back to his tent ⛺ The other one stayed with me and we had a conversation until five in the morning. Then, at six in the morning dawn broke out. I felt like s**t. I couldn’t wait for our ray of sunshine to rise the temperature. El Jefe motivated some guys to go up again, next to the volcano 🌋 top, to witness dawn over the valley and the beautiful panorama over Antigua and “Volcán de Agua” and  “Volcán 🌋 de Fuego”.

I didn’t follow the lead because I was still frozen from this terrible night and I knew the view would be exactly the same from the camping site. I took some beautiful pictures and left alone with the son, I admired the panorama, thought, at about 8:30 in the morning everybody packed up and then again we were walking this time all the way back from where we came from. This time it was way easier, it took us about 2 and 1/2 hours to do 2/3 of the way as it was going down all the time. In some parts it was quite dangerous because of the gravel, the volcanic sand and stones. Some people slipped, but no one got injured, that was lucky 🍀 after 3 and 1/2 hours the whole group managed to reach the spot where we all started from one day ago.

We congratulated one another after this beautiful experience climbing a volcano over two days time. Legs were so sore, eyes were tired, bodies were frozen, people were exhausted and yet there was a feeling of success and pride. The truck drove us back to Antigua and soon as we got back to the hotel/tourism Agency, I gave back my camping equipment and my winter clothes. I bid farewell to the people and I took their Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp just in case, because some people would follow the same road trip as me. As soon as I got back to my hotel, I asked when would be the next shuttle to San Pedro, I was told that either today at 1 PM either the next day at the same time. I had only two hours left and I did not want To get stuck another day in Antigua so I decided to take today the 1 pm shuttle to San Pedro. The only thing is I was not aware of the terrible road conditions…

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