Guatemala, Day 7: San Pedro de la Laguna!

Damn it! Bloody 4 hours to make 150 kilometers! My behind was so soar! We arrived at night fall to San Pedro de la Laguna! Immediately I had 1000 tuk-tuk (taxi drivers) asking me where I wanted to go, but it was unnecessary as I was right in the middle of the city center. 100 meters later was the first hotel “Muller House” where I decided to stay. As I came in, I quickly understood that San Pedro was a destination for very “average” British who loved to get drunk, watch football and order burgers!

This place looked like an open bar with rooms spared here and there in different buildings, it was a weird display… The first thing the owner did was to offer me a vodka shot (though I didn’t ask for anything and I don’t normally drink) I think he was very drunk too, but he was trying to be nice) He explained me there was a party every evening in San Pedro and it was the Guatemalan Ibiza! The room was $12 with breakfast included, very decent! I spoke to a few British dudes at the bar. Some of them showed me some massive sunburns, that looked atrocious! Some kind of mutated back or something… They simply explained me that they didn’t use sunscreen. I spoke to others and asked what they visited so far: they replied they didn’t visit anything apart from watching football, so I asked naturally: why they came to Guatemala? They just replied that there was cheap booze, life was cheaper than UK and it was sunny! “God saves the Queen” … I thought! It was time to wish them good night!

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