Guatemala, Day 13: Caribbean Guatemala

I was miles away and figured out that Guatemala has a Caribbean part and it was quite a struggle to get there! In the morning, I took us about 4h30 to get down to Rio Dulce by bus and another one and a half hour to get to Livingston by boat. I must admit, I really enjoyed the nature and the panorama when we sailed by speed boat to living boat. I felt really like in the Jurassic Park opening scene with the jungle and everything! But as soon as I got to Livingston, it was a different story. As soon as we arrived we were harassed by these weird guys coming to you, offering “help” but the only thing they were after was your money. There were also  a number of black guys offering marijuana or cocaine. It’s not quite my cup of tea to be honest. The whole place resembled Puerto Viejo in Costa Rica, in terms of atmosphere, poverty, garbage, drugs, weird people, and Caribbean guys.

As soon as I got there, I wanted to go back but it was already evening the last boat was gone and I had no choice. I found a cute little hotel-restaurant, probably one of the very little there are in this place, called “Casa Nostra”. The owner was a middle-aged American guy. The very enjoyable thing about this hotel was the garden by the Caribbean Sea. The owner told me that he was an amateur sailor, who loved Latin America and he literally fell in love with this place and decided to build a Hotel-Restaurant there. “Why not? ” I thought to myself. Although I would never set a business in a place like that, there are people that find paradise in the strangest of places. I quickly asked around what else there was visit and quickly understood there was not much.  There were only 3 landmarks worth visiting and 2 of them was a “deja-vu”. What really caught my attention, however, was the “7 Atlas”. A series of natural pools with waterfalls which looked very attractive and extraordinary. I will check this out tomorrow. Time for a good sleep now

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