A summer in Paris… Part 1

Who doesn’t dream of living in Paris, the most romantic city in the world? I had the amazing opportunity to live and work as a receptionist in a luxury hotel in the beautiful capital this summer. And what a summer it was! On a crossroads of Rue de Vaugirard, one of the longest streets in the city, my apartment was an ideal location.

The sound of buses, mopeds and cars zooming round the street corner made a perfect soundtrack for watching the sunset from my window with a glass of wine with friends. In classic Parisian style, numerous boulangeries and patisseries were dotted along my walk to work. I could grab a buttery croissant each morning and munch my breakfast whilst walking past flower shops with blooming bouquets spilling out their doors!

I worked right across from Saint Sulpice Church, in the sixth arrondissement – an area originally occupied by students and intellectuals. Nowadays however, you’re much more likely to see a celebrity or two rushing out of the Gucci, Dolce & Gabana or Louis Vuitton boutiques or a famous politician sipping coffee on a pavement restaurant.

When I wanted to do some sightseeing after work, I was a ten-minute stroll through the cobbled streets to the River Seine, or, to go further afield, I took the metro. The metro is relatively easy to navigate, with regular stations all around the city. It is 1,90 euros per journey, no matter how far you go. But, if you become a local like me, purchase a monthly Navigo card for 75 euros and you can travel by bus or metro as much as you want! Keep your eyes out for my next post with more stories from Paris… With love x

eiffel tower Paris
Tour Eiffel à Paris sparkling lights

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