ROAD TRIP PART 1: Arrival in California!

Hi guys, this is Ekaterina! Most of you are enrolling for the first time or enrolling again for the Work & Travel USA program: a great life experience is ahead of you! I go twice a year to the USA and I must say, each time I’m astonished by its natural beauty as well as its incredible urbanism. The majority of you will work in America for 3 months and travel within the country for 1 month. I can imagine you want to see everything, but you don’t know where to start! Last summer, I did a 4000 km road trip in California and Nevada, which was one of the most amazing travelling experience I’ve ever had. Today, I would like to share this experience, step by step, the details of my journey. I hope it will give you useful information and great inspiration for the journey ahead of you!!!


Let’s start with San Francisco…

I arrived at San Francisco Airport with my business partner Romain. As soon as we arrived we took the airport train straight to the car rental office. Each time I go to America, I’m always glad to see that the Americans are the kings of logistics and organization: the buildings, the road signs… Everything is made so that a foreign tourist to America doesn’t get lost and easily finds their way. On the airport train, we had a panoramic view of the city’s buildings and a clear vision of where we were going, which is very convenient. As we stopped at the car rental terminal, the doors opened wide and we were just in front of the reception. After a short wait, we took our car’s keys. I find it so funny: the standard ‘small’ car size in America is so much bigger than the European sizes!

We took our Ford and set off for San Francisco. We cruised to the Golden Gate, Pier 39, the Electric Car Museum and China Town, then found a convenient accommodation for 1 night in the suburb through AirBnB, an extremely convenient and safe website for travelling: you can rent rooms at someone’s home for affordable prices. The next day we drove across the Golden Gate once more in direction of San Anselmo, known for its wine culture. We stopped at a delicious breakfast place called Bubba Breakfast Corner. They serve very American breakfast: eggs, bacon, club sandwiches, fresh orange juices, enormous pancakes, porridge and many other tasty things… We visited a wine cellar company and we learned surprisingly that there had been an earthquake a few miles away at Nappa Valley: the site of “Masson’s” American wine brand. After that we were off again on the road to Sacramento: California’s state Capital!


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