ROAD TRIP PART 3: Bodie Ghost town & Devil’s Pile

We reached Reno after a short journey and we found out there was a special event downtown called: “THE PORK RIBS ANNUAL CELEBRATION”. People would prepare pork ribs with different BBQ sauce in different places all over town and a jury who would decide which team made the best pork ribs… This event was so crowded! People were queuing for hours to buy pork ribs from accredited, recommended stand who won prizes from last year… And how delicious the ribs were! We didn’t spend too much time there, but instead drove in the direction of Lake Taho, stopping stopped on the way in a delicious steakhouse where we celebrated my birthday. We reached Lake Taho late afternoon and we didn’t even know there was a concert: everyone came to see The Eagles band and there was no way to find even one room available in any motel. We drove around the bank of Lake Taho, with no luck finding a room. With everyone visiting for the Labor Day weekend and The Eagles, Lake Taho was as crowded as New York City! In the end, we slept in the car under the stars, piling on extra clothes to keep warm. The next morning, we scouted out a warm breakfast and place to brush our teeth at a diner then we entered a national park for a magnificent view of the sun dawning over the lake. Next stop: Bodie Town!

On the approach to Bodie Town, we discovered a small cowboy-like town with ranches and open fields. We stopped at the first diner, ate Mexican food and asked for a motel. The old waitress was very nice and recommended cheap but very unusual motel: The Bodie Motel. As we checked in, the owner told us the story of this unusual motel, the entire building was transfered to this town from Bodie Ghost Town: a spooky forsaken city supposedly haunted by ghosts. The owner even joked: “Don’t be surprised if you see a ghost or two in one of the drawers!” We left our things and we took the car to go to one of the main attractions nearby: the hot spring. A natural volcanic hot water where you can bathe. It’s famous for its dermatologic effect on the skin. It was so good we tried a second hot spring nearby, but this time it was full of nudists… So we didn’t stay long… After that, we went to the twin lakes where many local people were fishing and swam in the beautiful clear water! In the end, we came back to the hotel and had a very good night’s sleep after such a busy day!

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