ROAD TRIP PART 4: Cruisin’ to Las Vegas

The next morning, we drove to Bodie Ghost Town, a former mining city, formed after the boom of the Gold Rush in the mid-1800’s. We learned there was a great fire in the early 20th century so by the 1970’s people left the town and it became a ghost town. Walking through the streets, there’s truly the nostalgic sense that this was once a great city, strangely accompanied by the fright of seeing all the burned buildings around you after the fire disaster. After our visit we drove to the Devil’s Perk: a gigantic natural structure of petrified magma columns. We walked 7 miles in the surrounding park, spotting lovely dears along the way, and finally reached another famous natural site: the rainbow waterfall. This massive waterfall is so powerful that the splashes mix with the dazzling sunshine to create an impressive rainbow! We took to the road again as we had to continue… after all there was only 550 km before reaching the fabulous Las Vegas!

As it was such a long journey all the way to Las Vegas, we chose to drive during night time, so there would be less traffic and we would gain one day off the roads. We drove from Bishop to the Californian – Nevada state border, then to the desert! Here, there was nothing but a straight tarmac road – at least we could go at speed here! However, the wildlife comes alive at night in the desert so we had to keep a look out deers crossing the road, flying bats and rabbits. We even saw a big owl catching a poor mouse crossing the road. After a few miles we stopped for dinner and then later at another Motel 6, 100 miles from Las Vegas…

Loving the features of Bodie Ghost Town!

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