ROAD TRIP PART 6: San Diego & Hola Beach

In the morning we quickly bought some packed lunch at Walgreens supermarket before taking to the road again: to San Diego this time. 600 km were ahead of us and we had to cross the desert… again… That always give me a weird impression to see the absolute nothingness, then a city would spring up out of nowhere, then fade again into deserted sand… We arrived late afternoon in San Diego city centre wondering where we could find a place to stay. We made a move to Coronado island and discovered what a lovely residential suburb it is: a very upmarket area of town where former US presidents have bought houses. We found a tiny cosy hotel paradoxically owned by Mexican Grand Hotels. Later, in the evening, we walked on the beach, chilling out.

On the way to Los Angeles we stopped at what is supposedly one of the best beaches in America – La Hola Beach. Here you can see some ocean lifeguards on our Work & Travel program working! Usually they can be seen simply watching the ocean, and people who swim and play sports. But sometimes they must spring into action to help people in the water. If you want to find out more about you could work as lifeguard in this amazing environment – come to our office!

road trip usa
hola beach california road trip usa

The next day, our amazing American road trip continued to Los Angeles and Long Beach, for celebrity-spotting, more shopping and incredibly sightseeing! These blog posts were just a little snapshot of our USA adventure but feel free to to contact for more stories – I always love to reminisce about one of my favourite holidays EVER!


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