ROAD TRIP PART 2: Sacramento & Donner Lake

During the journey to Sacramento, we spent a night in Motel 6, where we send many of our Work & Travel participants. This motel is very convenient and comfortable for travellers passing by: the average price for a room is $48 a night. In the morning, we took to the road again in direction of Sacramento! At about 11 am we reached the city centre, which is surprisingly small for a US state capital, compared to say Los Angeles or San Francisco. But boy is it a pretty city! We headed to the main city’s attraction: Sacramento Old City. In the mid 1800’s, when people came from all other America for the gold rush, Sacramento was a booming city and as a testament to its history, the old city center has been left exactly the same as it has always been.

Sacramento city centre

Though, of course, they added a few restaurants and stores to make it more entertaining. After that, we went to Macy’s, one of my favourite American stores, where I bought some Guess clothes: each time it’s amazing to see how the prices are low comparing to Europe. It wasn’t long before we were off again for an overnight journey to Donner Lake!

It was dawn when we finally reached Donner Lake: an unbelievable place, surrounded by nature and home to deers, squirrels and coyotes. But the most common occupants of all are people! During summer time, people come to this place so that they can enjoy all kind of water sports on the lake: kayaking, paddle-surfing, jetskiing, fishing. But what we didn’t know: on this particular day it was the beginning of the long ‘Labor Day’ weekend so there were floods of families and their massive pick-up trucks. I really thought it would be impossible to find a room in any hotel around the lake! Miraculously, there was lovely place called Donner Lake Inn which had just one room left! It was such a lovely wood-furnished bedroom, like a typical chalet in winter. In the evening I could clearly hear the deers coming close to the Donner Lake Inn and each morning I woke up to the sound of birds singing, what a lovely memory! I had breakfast with the other guests who shared interesting recommendations for my journey. I ate tasty blueberry pancakes with crispy bacon accompanied with a different flavour of smoothie every day! After we left this inn, we walked around the lake and we swam, we visited the National Park and we learned very interesting stories about the first pioneers who crossed the mountains in order to build the first railways to the West. Amazing stories! We were on the roads again in direction to Nevada, Reno!

california usa
Sacramento california

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