A summer in Paris… Part 2: Disneyland

One of the best things about Paris is that EVERYONE wants to visit the most romantic city in the world! So I had friend after friend booking flights and trains to come and stay most weekends! Paris airports are so well connected that people can fly direct from most cities in the world. Living and working in a city means that you inevitably discover the do’s and don’t’s of the lifestyle and navigating your friends around with ease has you feel like such a Parisian local – très chic! One place of course all my friends wanted to visit was Disneyland! After speaking with a French colleague, I discovered that my monthly metro pass covered an area up to the Disneyland station so I knew I just had to go.

Luckily I had Mondays, when the crowds are smaller, off work so one Monday two friends and I set off early. Top tip: all the websites and tourist offices advertise the park as opening at 10am but they actually let in visitors from as early as 9am so get a head start on all the queues by setting your alarm clock earlier! Just past the front gates, we stopped under the shade of some balmy trees (it was so hot that day!) and strategically planned our route around the park – you have to be smart to have time for all your favourite rides! Then we power-walked to our first point-of-call: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom rollercoaster of course!

We continued the day hopping from one rollercoaster to another, with cheesy music blasting from plastic speakers accompanying our walks between each attraction. It has to be said, queues, awful music and screeching children are part of the package for a day at Disneyland but boy is it worth it to see Mickey Mouse in the flesh! I felt like a five-year-old again as we, three twenty-one-year-olds, stood singing along to Frozen at the top of our lungs, watching the daily character parade dance past at 3pm. And make sure you stay until sunset to watch the incredible firework, sound and light display at night time so you can reminise back with the soundtracks of your childhood favourites – I’ve never seen anything like it!

Disneyland Paris evening firework display


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