USA East Coast Road Trip: Part 1

Twenty hours of travelling. St Petersburg to Moscow. Moscow to New York. New York to Fort Lauderdale airport… But finally! I picked up my rental car and hit the road! And still the journey was not over yet: another hour drive from Fort Lauderdale to West Palm Beach where our American friends were waiting for us. They made us straight away a part of the family with a big traditional American BBQ. Although we were quite tired our friend Mayle took us on a tour of West Palm Beach by night. It was just dazzling to see all the sparkling lights and crossroads: even at night, the city is so active! We passed all the multi-millionaires houses, like Donald Trump’s mansion ! It was the run-up to the presidential elections so we even saw many of his promotional billboards. We strolled on the vast beach under the moon light. It was so refreshing to breath the ocean air ! The next day we visited potential employers for the Work and Travel season 2016… there were so many exciting jobs just waiting for our future Russian participants.

During our stay, we discovered West Palm Beach surroundings: the city is full of golf clubs, motels, resorts. The American way of life is always surprising and appealing at the same time: whether you go shopping, driving or walking, the open space that surrounds you is so pleasant and comfortable. Air-conditioning contrasts with dazzling sunshine. We were staying in one of these many typical Floridian private residences with everything included: it’s like a town within a town!

We went down to the Everglades, about 2 hours drive from West Palm Beach. It’s THE National Park to visit ABSOLUTELY ! It’s a vast natural site full of wildlife, we paid for an airboat and we saw all different kind of things : mangrove, aligators, vaultures, herons, lotus… We were discovering little by little when a big storm bursted out and a thunderlight stroke the mangrove on the horizon and started a fire! Although we were far, we could see the smoke coming out : beautiful contast of lights and threatening black clouds with with a hot and humid temperature. When we came back, we had an alligator show waiting for us ! We headed back to Fort Lauderdale where everyone was busy preparing July 4th celebration ! We were in the midst of an American summer!

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