USA East Coast Road Trip: Part 2

What would be America without guns ?! I have always wanted to visit a proper American shooting range, so we sought out a range nearby to where we were staying AK-47, assault guns, pistols, shot guns… I went through a group training first with the instructor for 30 minutes and we were given 3 different guns : a 9mm, a famas and a shot gun. I wore my shooting glass to protect my eyes, my headset for the detonation noise and my GoPro camera on my head for video recording… I was fully loaded ! After 45 min shooting I had shot countless bullets! It cost me $85 but I think it was completely worth it ! In the evening, we went down to West Palm Beach downtown with another 100,000 people to witness the more 4th July weekend fireworks! What a weekend!

usa road trip
usa shooting range

We drove all the way up to John F. Kennedy Space Center. The world-famous space base is almost like a theme park, providing visits to the lauching bases, interactive museums, I-MAX documentaries. We were so impressed by all the human/ technological/ financial resources these spaceships, shuttles and rockets required to finally realize we are at dawn of space discovery and we need even more investments in research and development! The ticket was 50 dollars per adult! The funny thing is that the base is located on an island which was a former swamp still full of wildlife today. As I was driving by the swaps I could see many alligators with their nostrils and eyes sticking out, waiting for a prey! Technology juxtaposed with wilderness… After an hour drive, we stopped in a cute little town called De Land as we went through a tropical rainstorm!

We arrived early morning to Saint Augustine: a small town with great historical past! The Spanish were the first to settle in this place in the late 1500 and they built a powerful stronghold named “Castillo de San Marcos”. Century after century the fortress was never taken by force thanks to the very skilled Spanish engineers. It was also a important place during the Civil War. We also learned the city has hosted famous people like Martin L. King, John F. Kennedy or more recently Bill Clinton. The Old Town is very cute and upmarket with many restaurants, cathedrals, museums, bars, pedestrian streets by the shore where boats can make you on little cruise. We took one of them and we were able to see the dolphins. We also made valuable contact with restaurant owners and B&B managers for work placements for the next Work & Travel season! Always searching for new opportunities for you guys!

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