USA East Coast Road Trip: Part 3

We reached Savannah, Georgia, the capital of the Confederates during the American Civil War. Strangely, there’s not much to visit, it’s a rather small downtown. But I really enjoyed Saint John The Baptist Cathedral: monumental and magnificent, the Memorial Park and the Waterfront with a small market place and many typical restaurants. I ordered something unusual: “Savannah’s Special”, which is grits (like Russian kasha!) mixed with shrimps with a melted cheese topping. Katia had the “Alligator Bite”: and alligator steak from an alligator tail… yummy! After crossing the river, I noticed a shooting range and I stopped to shoot a few rounds of a GLOCK 45, 9mm. After 20 minutes shooting, I felt so exhilarated! We moved on to another little town called Belfort known for its U.S. aviation base. We found a new employer for the next Work and Travel season: two cute souvenir shops! You could be working there next summer!

We discovered a lovely historical city called Charleston, South Carolina: an historical place full of beautiful waterfront parks, monumental cathedrals and typical southern houses. As we walked the streets, we felt like we were living two centuries ago! We took advantage from being there to visit the famous Charleston Magnolia Gardens. This is a vast domain with an usual mix of vegetation: both mediterranean: with pine trees, oaks and tropical: with mangroves, magnolia, palm trees. The park was surrounded with swamps infested with alligators, snakes and turtles. We learned that this garden was before a rice plantation where many slaves used to work risking their lives cultivating rice with the alligators nearby. We also encountered big spiders with giant webs and herons hunting for frogs as well as an alligator chilling out in the swamp under a tree’s shade. Life’s good!

carolina usa road trip
magnolia gardens

We drove up to Myrtle Beach : US capital of our Work and Travel participants! We met one of our participants working at Broadway on the Beach: a theme park/shopping mall attracting lots of tourists and we visited the Pier 14 and the big wheel after having a nice swim in the ocean. The beach is surrounded with hotels, swimming pools, jaccuzzis and long chairs. Myrtle Beach is a typical Eastern Coast city for American tourists.

Later that day, we hit the road to Charlotte, the capital of North Carolina! It is supposed to be a big city on the map yet, there’s not much to visit, so we just carried on your journey to Asheville. It seemed to be like a paradox: Asheville is such a small town with such an active life: lots of sportsmen cycling, hiking, paragliding. This time we used couchsurfing and we found the perfect host: Philip, a 27-year-old bike engineer who welcomed us like kings with a couple of other couch-surfers from Australia and Canada. Philip invited us to his friend Will’s place for a dinner party. Will is a small business entrepreneur who makes goat cheese and whisky! We had both and it was all delicious. We went after to a local Hawaiian party with Noah: a 6ft5, friendly bloke. Everyone was dressed with short-sleeve shirts, shorts and flowers. It was wild, unexpected and very cool!

road trip usa
the road to asheville

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