USA East Coast Road Trip: Part 5

We were happily surprised when we discovered our next couchsurfing host accommodation: Alex was living in a house by the ocean side, he had a great land and he lived in a small house. His hobbies were kayaking, composing and cycling! As for the city Mobile, the downtown is only as big as Plosschad Vosstanya but we took Alex for dinner and drinks of course! He even offered us an Alabama winter hat and an Alabama sport bag! The next day we only had 2 more hours drive to meet Lomesh: our Work and Travel participant at Destin, Florida.

road trip usa
the road to St Petersburg

We were so happy to see Lomesh again. He was our guide, participant and friend! We went swimming into the ocean, we visited Destin Old Harbour and Lomesh sorted out the accommodation so that we could stay an extra day in Destin. We met his talented landlord : a gifted pianist who played for us a real concert until 11:30 pm! A musical feast! The next day we took the boat to go snorkeling and then go adrift to see the gracious dolphins in their natural environment. We wish we could have stayed longer and we will miss Lomesh until he comes back to Saint Petersburg but the road called us again to our next destination: Saint Petersburg, Florida, of course!


The road was so long ! Something like a 7 hour drive before we finally reached Saint Petersburg, Florida ! We made a some funny I-phone video recording the big billboard of “Welcome to Saint Petersburg” and shouting “St Petersburg, St Petersburg, we arrived ! Hurray ! Hurray !” The city was quite small comparing to any other American city or even Saint Petersburg but very cute, clean and welcoming. We went to our new couchsurfing hosts Josh and Courtney: this lovely hipster couple is living a typical Floridian residence with private swimming pool, gym and a private parking lot. As soon as we got into the apartment, three little dogs jumped on us by barking and jumping around. We had a nice conversation with Courtney and Josh before discovering downtown and the Modern Art Museum. After that, we visited Josh at his working place a luxurious five star hotel. We were so tired and we were feeling so well at their place and this couple liked us so much. We decided to stay another night at their place. It was the right choice because the next day we visited the Dali Museum a pure wonder that we absolutely recommend. We visited the beach on the Mexican Golf side and we saw many turtle nests and finally we kayaked in the residence lagoon in company of dolphins, alligators and manatees… It was the first time in my life I went kayaking and I can’t wait do it again!

st petersburg road trip usa
st petersburg beach florida

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