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Day 2- Port Louis & Flic-en-Flac

Early morning, I drove Lomesh from Flic-en-Floc to the capital city: Port Louis. 7:30 am and already traffic jams everywhere! The journey was originally 1 hour on google maps but it turned out to be an 1h 45min. Lomesh was 45 min late but he told me this was not a big deal as he was working for a governmental organization) I the meantime, I found a place to change my dollars into the local currency: The Mauritian rupee. It’s very handy to convert: you need to divide by 4 if you want the amount in euros and you need to multiply by 2 if you need the amount in rubles!

After that, I got my local sim-card and Lomesh took a small break from work to show me “La Citadelle”, a stronghold on top of a hill dominating Port Louis, with cannons towards the port and another range of cannons toward the the mountains. I asked Lomesh why the cannons were heading in complete opposite directions. He explained me that this stronghold was British and the first range of cannons were protecting the port with range capacity of 10 km and the other range of cannons facing the mountain was for the slaves back then who tried to escape from their masters and hide in the mountains, deep in the forest. Damn… It’s good that I was not born a slave in those days…

At moon, we headed back to Lomesh office, as his boss had invited us for lunch. The Minister of Economy was indeed very “chill”. I met a bunch of laid back people including Lomesh two bosses. I was the First one: “How long you’ve been working here?” and he answered comfortably sited in his armchair: “About 28 years”, with his amusing creole accent, “Do you like your job?” I then asked, he simply replied “Oh! You know, everybody has to make a living!”. I don’t know why, even today, this guy made me think of a sloth, but a kind one with a fun creole accent) The second boss was even more laid back, in his fifties and very kind too, like the other one. We went down to a local pizzeria where the big boss generously offered us 1 and a half pizza to share for 5 people. I was a little puzzled but “it’s all about the attention” as people say.


In this afternoon, we headed to Flic-en-Flac where my local business partner was waiting for me.  With the afternoon traffic jams, it took us about 1h30 and it was burning hot! 34 degrees. I literally had a thermic shock coming from -3C in Saint-Petersburg, to +34C in Mauritius. I arrived just on time to my appointment, all sweaty, but on time! My local business partner talked about all different job offers and ways to make business together, but he had this particular way of mixing life’s questions with business, personal questions and annecdotes, so the end the 45 min interview turned out to be 2 hours and my head literally split from heat and exhaustion listening to him… To remediate to all that, we headed straight to the beach. The water was about +30C degree, it was entering a hot bath… I took a cold shower instead… Tomorrow we’ll be heading to the «7-Color-Land»! Hurray!

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