Day 3- The “7-color-earth” and Avalon!

The weather was so weird… It reminded me South America! It’s getting hotter and hotter, when the heat hits its climax, the rain is pourring down for 30 minutes and it’s getting hotter for another round and so on… In spite of the heavy rained, we managed to find the Chamarel waterfall: a monumental 82m waterfall, beautilful work of art of Mother Nature itself! At this moment, I remembered Mark Twain’s famous quote: «God first created Mauritius, Heaven after. Heaven being copied from Mauritius!». «Probably», I thought.

We drove to the main attraction, the “7-color-earth”. A unique multicolored earth, (red, brown, violet, green, blue, purple and yellow) made from volcanic earth decomposition, exposed to the 4 elements… Et voila! The result is astonishing! The dune is not that big but the dunes shapes and colors really hypnotize you!

At walking distance from there, we found 5 huge earth turtles! They were about 100 Kg each and they were voracious! They were eating none-stop pineapple leaves, grass, salad, anything green on their way. And they were not as slow as I imagine, when they wanted something, they got quite fast to their point in spite of their weight. For lunch, we booked a table at Avalon, a classy restaurant in an upper-class golf course, recommended by Lomesh. We sat there at a table with a grand view over the golf course and we had a great lunch before jumping into their swimming-pool. In spite of being big, it was not deep, which was a bit of a shame! But we had quite a good walk on the golf course promenade. It was so relaxing to see these lands of green with coconut trees, fountains, swamps and much more! Tomorrow, it will all be about the Isle of Benitiers! Howdy!


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