Day 10 – Last day in Mauritius (

After purchasing my last presents and souvenirs, we drove up North with Lomesh to enjoy one last time: the dreamy beaches of Mont Choisy, Grand Baie et Trou-aux-Biches. There was not much time left but I was happy to have a good swim in the 32 degree water looking at the horizon and think of nothing more… No past, future, just the contemplation of the present, the beautiful present… After driving back to Lomesh place and putting all my luggage in the car, we had a warm farewell, we were both happy to have seen each other and talking about many thoughtful things. I hope to see him again either in Russia or when I am back in Mauritius. I really didn’t want to leave and if not for my obligations, I would have stayed longer. Mauritius is truly something to experience. Before I came I was expecting something like a poor but developing African country, but I was deeply mistaken, it’s a modern, welcoming and pleasant country to live in, with many future prospects and with wonderful people. I will definitely come back!

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