Day 4- Benitier island, Cristal Rock, Rochester fall, La Roche-qui-pleure!

On the road again to «La Gaulette» beach! South-West Mauritius, after a hectic morning, we arried late at destination at about 1 pm. The problem was, we were trying to book tours but you need to book 48 hours in advance due to unexpected weather conditions sometimes. Lomesh told me we had to book ASAP as we were expecting a tornado CLASS 1 swiping its way between Mauritius island and Rodrigues island. Terrible weather conditions were expected within 3 days so we had to be swift!

We eventually managed to book a tour at «Trou-d’eau-douce» for tomorrow morning at 9 am, which was a good call. Though Lomesh was not really happy about the price: 3500 rupees per person (about $90). He told me he made the mistake to say he was with a foreigner. (N.B. when you book tours over the phone, it’s better to ask a local who speaks creole to book for you, this way it’s cheaper) as we arrived late in front of the Benitier island, all the tourist groups were gone, so the only thing left were to ask to one of the boat men at the port. I asked one, he wanted 2000 rupees per person (about $60), too expensive! We were asking to different people and the cheapest we could find was a black guy who was offering return journey, snorkling at Crystal Rock and a stop-by at the Benitier island for 1,500 rupees ($43). As it was already 2 pm and we wanted to see other things we accepted! No choice! It turned out to be a good experience after all!

The boat guy sailed around the island to Crystal Rock: the symbol of Mauritius! It’s just a rock standing on crystal waters. It has a very unusal shape, like it seems it’s floating. Our boat stopped by and our guide gave us dicing masks, tubes and we swam around the rock. The water wasn’t deep and I saw all different kind of fish: strippy fish, sword fish, star fish, sea slugs and much more! It was very refreshing as the temperature went up to 35C. The guide then took us to the Benitier island where we simply walked around the island. There was not really much to do there: a forest surrounded by a beach… There were many people having a BBQ and other tourist groups from different hotels coming to visit and swim. It took us about 1h15 min to walk around the island and the guy sailed us back to the mainland.

We then to drove to «La Baie du Cap», a panorama spot where you can see «La Reunion» island, facing Mauritius over the ocean. We drove further at Rochester fall where we had a good swim. It was very refreshing after a dive in the salty water, the water was cool, I felt like new and in the end we had enough of sunlight left to admire a monumental sunset at «La Roche-qui-pleure» a massive black rock where waves crush against it. We sat looking at the horizon, waiting for the sun to disappear. Another one of these moments you wish it never ended… Tomorrow it will all be about the cerfs island.

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